Gum Disease Photo Gallery

Gum Disease Photo Gallery: What Do They Look Like if Compared to the Healthy Ones?

If you wonder whether you are suffering from gums disease or not, comparing yours with the gum disease photo gallery available might help.

Compare Your Gums with the Ones in Photo Gallery: Why Is It Necessary?

To help you find out whether you are experiencing gum disease or not through gum disease photo gallery and without you have to go to visit a dentist, there is simple tip to help you. Gum Disease Photo GalleryComparing your gums with pictures of various gum diseases that range from gingivitis up to advanced periodontitis. You need to keep in mind to visit your dentist soon after you find out that you find similarity with the pictures shown, even though the symptoms are the early ones.

This is very important to do since gum disease will lead your teeth will lose support from the gums which can result in the damage of the teeth. In addition, untreated gum diseases will lead you to suffer from more serious health problems in the future.

Types of Gum Disease

There are some types of gum disease. Each of them show symptoms that differ from one to another. Get to know more about the types of gum disease to help you find out what you actually suffer from.

  1. Gingivitis

The first common type of gum disease is gingivitis. The easiest tip to identify the disease is by finding bleeding and inflammation occur on the gums. The disease is considered to be the lightest one and the sooner you treat it then the easier and shorter healing process you can enjoy.

  1. Early Periodontitis

The second common type of gum disease to happen is early periodontitis. When you are in the early phase of periodontitis, there will be some symptoms occurred include the appearance of pockets that lay between teeth and gums. Another symptom to show is noticeably receding gums with will lead you to lose your teeth it they are not treated well.

  1. Advanced Periodontitis

Gum Disease Photo Gallery: Early periodontitis symptoms which are not given proper treatment will lead the disease to progress and turn into the advanced phase. During the advanced stage of periodontitis, the bone and tissue which serve to support your teeth are lost. This is the time when you have to lose your teeth and for your info, the gums will not grow back once their tissue are pulled back leave the teeth.

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Gum Disease Photo Gallery

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