Healthy Gums Color

How is the Healthy Gums Color?

You may wonder how the healthy gums color is. Without you watch it properly, it is indeed not simply known whether the gum is in a good condition or not. One of the characteristics of healthy gum is placed on its color. So, how should the gum’s color be? Here is the explanation.

Healthy Gums Color

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The Color of Healthy Gum

Healthy Gums Color: When your gum is healthy enough, it is shown by the color of pink. However, it can be a little bit different from one person to another. The healthy gum for some people can be a little bit red although the pink is still dominant. On the other hand, some others have pale pink without any problems. In other words, there is a range of gradation to indicate healthy gum but the entire of them is still around pink color.

The Colors of Unhealthy Gum

If the healthy gum is around pink, does it mean that other colors indicate the unhealthy gum? It can be concluded that way indeed although in some cases people don’t find any problems when their gum’s color is too red, too pale, or even too dark. In fact, dark gum is found in the African people and this case is known as hyper-pigmentation.

Healthy Gums ColorHowever, be aware of dark-colored gum if you have bad habits like smoking and alcohol or drug consumption. The exposure of cigarette smoke is known for being toxic so that it can just damage your gum. The same trouble is also experienced if you are an alcoholic or drug addict. Besides, there are also some endocrine diseases that cause the gum is getting darkened. Those diseases are namely Nelson Syndrome and Acromegaly.

Well, how is about a kind of gum which is too red? Such a gum indicates that you have some problems like vitamin C deficiency. If it is not treated immediately, the conditions can be worse as the gum is swollen and bleeding.

How to Solve the Gum’s Problems

Changing your lifestyle is the key point for healthier gum anyway. It is by consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables as well as stopping the bad habits like smoking and alcohol and drug consumption.

Healthy Gums Color: It is recommended also to apply toothpaste which is manufactured especially for sensitive gum. It is Dental Pro 7. Dental Pro 7 is produced from active natural ingredients so that it is safe to be applied for everyone with any gum condition. Besides, it is also proven to be effective to heal some gum diseases like bleeding gums, swollen gums, infections, inflamed gums, gingivitis, and more.

Healthy Gums Color, Healthy Gums Color

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