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How to Get Rid Unhealthy Gums Color

Unhealthy gums color is redness and your gums will bleed when you brush your teeth. There are many factors that make your gums become unhealthy. The first factor is the use of tobacco. Eating tobacco can make your gums experience problems. If you do not keep your mouth clean, your gums will also become inflamed. Lack of nutrition can also be a major factor causing gum disease. Certain medications such as painkillers, decongestants, and antihistamines can cause your mouth to dry and trigger gum disease.

You must remember that maintaining a healthy gum is important for your health. There are several studies that can show the relationship between chronic health conditions and periodontitis. Gum disease can cause heart disease and diabetes. There are other studies that show the relationship between stroke or heart disease and advanced gum disease.

Unhealthy Gums Color

Gum Disease and Gingivitis

If you suspect that you have gum disease, then you can see signs of gum disease below.


You can identify this disease by seeing if your gums are bleeding.

Early Periodontitis and Further Periodontitis

Symptoms at this stage is a bag between the teeth and gums. The lost gums are also a sign of this symptom.

The bone supporting the teeth will disappear and this will make your teeth shake. This occurs in late periodontitis. You will have unhealthy gums color at all these stages.

How to Get Healthy Gums

Unhealthy Gums ColorIf you have only mild gingivitis, then you do not have to worry because you can get your healthy gums again. You should make a schedule to remove plaque and tartar. You can also undergo gingivectomy.

This is a step to remove any bags that exist between the gums and tartar. This method can also eliminate the painful gum tissue. Extraction is the way used to lift loose or damaged teeth. The last step is the flap operation. This is used to repair damaged bones and clean the roots of teeth.

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About Dental Pro 7 | Unhealthy Gums Color

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Unhealthy Gums Color

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Unhealthy Gums Color

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