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5 Crucial Things You Have To Know About A Virus Infection

You are infected by a virus or positive if there is a virus in the body. You are infected by a Virus Infection even if a virus detector detects a virus on your body. The way to detect the virus varies. Let’s say doctors give you a PCR or Swab test. Learn about a virus infection, how to detect it, and treatments you can do to kill the viruses below.

How to Detect A Virus in the Body

The way to detect a Virus Infection in the body varies. PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction is one of the methods to detect viruses in the body. Some doctors will also do a Swab test to get a sample. The doctors take the specimen from the nasopharynx or oropharynx. They bring the sample to the laboratory and put it into a PCR device. The device will amplify the sample. You are positively infected by a virus even if the device only detects one virus, but the machine can’t show the number of the virus in the body.

Virus Infection
Non-iodized salt

High Versus Low Antibody

So, how can some people recover from specific viruses and negative, whereas some others have to struggle to recover from the viruses? One of the answers is because of antibodies. Your antibody will protect you. It means that higher the number of antibodies in the body, the faster your body recovers from viruses. On the other hand, the lower the antibody in the body, the longer your body recovers from viruses.

The Way Your Body Protect You from Virus

You feel unhealthy in the first seven days when there is a Virus Infection in your body. It is because your body has not created the antibody yet. After seven days, your body starts to produce a small number of antibodies. Antibodies grow in the body for up to 14 days. It is the time where your antibody neutralizes the virus in the body.

The amount of the antibody reduces when they don’t find any virus anymore in the body. How if you are infected again? Your body has recognized the virus, so the process of creating antibodies is not as long as the first time you were infected. The antibody grows in only 24 hours and starts to eat the Virus Infection. It reduces in seven days after killing all the viruses.

How Can A Person Be Infected by A Virus

Viruses grow well in cold, moist, and dark areas. The number of the virus remains as long as it doesn’t infect your body. So, how can a person be infected by a Virus Infection? You are affected by a virus because you absorb it through your nose when you breathe. The virus grows once they enter your body. The faster the virus grows in the body, the faster you get sick. Fever is one of the most common symptoms when you are infected by a virus.

Tips To Protect Your Body from Virus

Several simple tips here can protect your body from viruses. First, you can clean up your nose regularly with water. It prevents viruses from staying and growing in your nose and infecting your body.

Second, mix a bowl of water with one tablespoon of salt and gargle with it. Ensure that you are using non-iodium salt.

Third, use ingredients that have vitamin C and vitamin E to increase antibodies in the body. It is effective to recover from a virus when you are infected. Let;s say you consume paracetamol when you have a fever. You can also use a specific product, such as Dental Pro 7.

Dental Pro 7 contains several powerful active ingredients, such as Alpha-tocopherol or natural vitamin E, Mentha Piperita leaf or peppermint, Mentha Spicata leaf or spearmint, and others. These active ingredients are effective enough to kill bacteria and viruses in your mouth.


Virus Infection


Virus Infection

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